FeMNist Day

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What’s next after the Oscars, you ask? The FeMNist Day Showcase is in 12 days!

Whether you’re an awards season junkie or not, the FeMNist Day Showcase has a star-studded line-up of female and non-binary entrepreneurs anyone can rally behind.

After a fun, first Power of 100 MSP Pitchfest in October, we’re teaming up with our dream MN girl gang: Still KickinThe Coven,  and Nora McInerny to bring you Showcase on Friday, March 8. Showcase is part of a full-day of events in honor of International Women’s Day to celebrate women making a difference in the Twin Cities. All are welcome!


Here’s an overview of FeMNist Day 2019:

  • 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM | SHOWCASE | Become the friends and family investor round for three up-and-coming entrepreneurs| Cost: $100, Buy Tix Here

  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM | WORKSHOPS | Meet with women who will offer their time and career and business advice | FREE, RSVP Here

  • 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM | NIGHT MARKET | Support 50 of Minnesota’s most talented women makers and businesses | Free, RSVP Here

What is Showcase?

Find your favorite FeMNists and join us bright and early on Friday, March 8 at North401 Studios for Showcase. For those familiar with Power of 100 MSP’s first Pitchfest, Showcase uses the same fun, simple, and impactful activation: 100 humans X $100 = $10,000 for our community. For FeMNist Day, the focus of Showcase is to celebrate (and FUND!) up-and-coming female and non-binary founders from MSP. We know early stage financing is difficult - especially for women, for women of color and people from marginalized communities. There is also an enormous opportunity for women to shape the future of funding.

how IT works:

  1. Connect with 100 FeMNists across industry, age + background. Enjoy coffee + pastries!

  2. Hear three inspiring up-and-coming entrepreneurs pitch their business or idea.

  3. Support your favorite idea with $100. Together we’ll combine powers to contribute $10,000 to take three inspired businesses or ideas to the next level.

We are beyond excited because Nora McInerny will host Showcase. Nora is a best-selling author, the host of the award-winning podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, and the founder of the non-profit Still Kickin. As a warning: Nora may have you laughing so hard you cry or at least involuntarily spit out your coffee. Nora is releasing two new books this spring but is making time for Showcase because the founders are that inspiring. Speaking of…we cannot wait for you to meet our Showcase speakers.

Say hello to your FeMNist Day 2019 Showcase Speakers:


Fintech entrepreneur, @impacthubmsp Finnovation fellow & founder of @TUSA. @Mimi_Aboubaker is a first-gen college student who cut her teeth at @morgan.stanley@goldmansachs, then founded TUSA to connect low-income students to financial aid resources and help universities & scholarship grantors better allocate financial aid. In her words, Mimi is “fiery about education equity”. We want to rally behind Mimi’s goal to hit project milestones during her beta launch this fall at @csbsju.



Illustrator, Entrepreneur & Founder of @kpinspires. Kprecia created a home decor line featuring illustrations dripping with inspiration. In her own words, “my inspiration comes from my culture and encouraging women to embody their confidence.” We want to rally behind Kprecia’s goal to have a product inventory so she can sell at shows this year and begin to expand her business in 2019.



@mnhealth coach + planner @shor_mpls (photo: below left) & @bushfoundation fellow Roxanne Anderson (photo: below right) are championing an ambitious, community-led process to create 1st Twin Cities LGBTQ Community Center. They envision a space for community to convene, provide and receive services, engage with arts and performance and build leadership capacity in the community. We want to rally behind their vision for a needs assessment to determine next steps for infrastructure, programming and community support.

Our Showcase speakers and their powerful projects have already inspired amazing community support. Huge thanks to an entourage of local business owners who make this event possible:

  • Sarah Zanger and North401 Studios for a perfect venue to convene 100 generous humans for Showcase.

  • Heidi Andermack, Maari Cedar James and Chowgirls Killer Catering for providing a delicious breakfast for all 100 Showcase attendees.

  • Lee Wallace, Ryan Brown and Peace Coffee for providing hot coffee that will make it worth it to rise early for Showcase.

  • Cana Potter and Muse Flora for fresh flowers to brighten your day throughout FeMNist Day.

  • Rita M. Farmer for capturing you and the buzz at Showcase with her mad photography skills.

  • Rose Daniels, Audrey Campbell and Rose & Co. Design for not only designing the raddest photo collage wall you’ve ever seen, but for offering one year of pro bono branding + design support to Shor and Roxanne for their community center project.

We’re happy to provide breakfast for the FeMNist Day Showcase and contribute to up-and-coming women entrepreneurs taking their business to the next level.
— Heidi Andermack, Co-founder, Chowgirls Killer Catering

If you’re here for these inspiring entrepreneurs, help us spread the word. And be sure to get yourself a ticket to Showcase!

We have three ticket types available:

Collaborator Ticket - $100 - Be in the room when Showcase happens the morning of March 8th, 2019.

Community Ticket - $100 - If you live far far away or can’t make it on March 8, we hope you’ll consider buying a ticket to make this event accessible for someone from our community who cannot afford a ticket to Showcase.

Investor Ticket - Be in the room the morning of March 8th, 2019, PLUS help support the payment to women and non-binary speakers throughout FeMNist Day.

You are awesome. Thank you for being fearless in pursuit of the best version of yourself and the best possible MSP. We cannot wait to see you at Showcase! If you have questions, send an email to powerof100msp@gmail.com.

Ella Daniels